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Of my three disciplines – filming, photography and web design, I have to admit that my number one passion is filming. It was my entry route into what has been some of the most exciting times of my life, filming led me into photography and then into DVD production and now into web design.

Filming is a commodity that is still as important today has it was 30 years ago when I first started in the business filming properties for estate agents on a VHS camera. In fact my first company was called VHS Television, a play on words for ‘Video Home Search’. In a very short space of time I became the market leader in this style of video production, filming for many estate agents throughout the UK and specialising in filming multi-million pound properties.

My company was purchased by a much larger television company, which set the route for my filming abroad. Portugal beckoned and with it a life-style of living 6 months of the year on the sunny Algarve whilst filming all the new golf courses and resort developments. This set the pattern for the majority of my future film work and even when I had a parting of the ways with my old company, I still went on to film around the world. Travel and Golf became my staple film diet and along with it a string of well known ‘blue-chip’ clients … Vogue, Golf World, Golf Monthly, Brides and a whole host of other publications that liked the idea of producing a cover mount DVD. One job alone with Golf World resulted in 190,000 copies of just one programme being distributed free of charge on the cover of what was then the world’s most popular golf magazine.

I loved the life-style of this work, sandy beaches, tropical climates, fabulous golf course, exotic south pacific honey-moon destinations, I could not find a single thing that I did not like about this job. It even fuelled my passion for excitement – filming from helicopters whilst hanging out of the side door, filming from a micro-light, under water filming and chasing the No1 World Champion Carl Fogarty around Donnington racetrack during a commercial film shot for Ducati.


In this new era of modern technology it is all to easy to loose your way when it comes to selecting a production company for your next promo or commercial. You have a friend of a friend who works close by and he has just bought lots of kit from PC World, or Jim who lives next door who says “he’s a dab hand at the filming thingy”, the camera even has an HD logo on it somewhere!

This could all seem very tempting especially if you think it could save you some money. But the reality will soon sink in when you get a terrible production with dodgy audio and even worse camera footage. You may get a finished product that possibly looks great on a mobile phone but what happens when it is shown on a 60 inch HDTV, or your clients want it in a dozen different formats for the web. This is usually the point where the ground opens up, disaster echoes around the room and the marketing director who commissioned this second rate production is having that impending sense of doom that relates to being very suddenly unemployed.

Bespoke Creative Solutions are based in the UK with an international client base and an acclaimed track record in broadcast and multi-media projects. Our creative team of scriptwriters, producers, directors, web designers, editors and camera personnel can call upon a combined wealth of talent and experience.

We can deliver great productions using a number of different filming formats, coupled with the very latest editing programmes that are fully capable of supporting true HD. If you want a film for the web, then we will deliver it for the web with the right compressions and with codecs that will work. However if you want a full broadcast TV feature or a TV commercial then we will film it accordingly always being mindful of the ever shifting sands of the BBC and Sky TV who keep changing the acceptable bit-rates.