Hull University

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This portfolio of work is a reflective account of some of the material that I have produced during my three years of university life. I have chosen individual pieces that relate to a number of different design disciplines. The work contains an animation design, produced using a number of different design tools, a couple of carefully crafted interactive-style pages, that were designed to be used on an interactive IPad restaurant menu and a poster that would form part of a promotional tourism campaign for Kenya Airways. It also includes some poster, websites and video’s that I have produced.


Happy Viewing.


 My first ever attempt at producing a short animation sequence.


I created 380 individual drawings in Photoshop, a dedicated piece of video that ran in the background behind a series of animated background images, 9 layers of animated Overlay Effect, a new logo created in Illustrator and 3 layers of audio, which included various voice-overs and numerous sound effects.

My attention to detail, ranged from nails ‘flying’ from the crate on a frame by frame basis to making sure that the football being kicked in the ‘live’ video that was playing in the background was in absolute sync with the animated football when it crashed through the window. The character acting in the ‘live’ video was in keeping with a window being broken I kept him within the appropriate frame, where he could still be seen through the window (no easy filming task, that took a number of attempts to get right). The animated football was an exact copy of the real football that was kicked. The glass in the window showed a broken effect after the football came through.

I spent time in animating my title sequences frame by frame to establish a smooth fade through along with a stepped letter-by-letter animation sequence on my strap line. I went back in and added many new ‘In-between’ frames to existing ‘Key’ frames to smooth the animation, with many sections of the animation running at a full 25fps. I attempted a close up ‘talking mouth’ sequence with my light bulb, using a combination of mouth drawings, which seemed to work quite well.  I finished my piece with what I thought was quite a novel and creative solution, by creating an animated ‘Roller Blind’ for my closing credits.





Two examples of interactive menu pages.


These two Ciro Pomodoro pages were produced entirely within Photoshop, using my own photographs. The restaurant in question is a real restaurant situated in Knightsbridge, London and owned by a very close friend of mine Ciro Orsini. He allowed me to take photographs of menu dishes served within the restaurant and I prepared the text relating to each dish from meal descriptions within the Ciro Pomodoro menus. These pages would form part of an interface that could actually work in practice and are not dissimilar to other interfaces that I have previously produced for a number of interactive DVD-ROMs.




A poster to promote tourism to Kenya.


This piece of work portrays a message that if you book a safari in Kenya, then not only will you have the opportunity of viewing the ‘Big 5’, but you will see them at such close quarters that they almost feel that they are within your living room. The couple sat on the sofa with a TV remote represents being at home, yet the elephants look as if they are within arms reach. The pictures within the 5 letters of the word ‘Kenya’ show these “big five”, a term coined by big game hunters (not safari tour operators) and relate to: Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant and Cape Buffalo.

YOUR VOICE – A video I produced to tell the story about conflict minerals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This video was linked to a much larger campaign that I orchestrated to pass a resolution that Hull becomes a ‘Conflict-Free City. Please take the time to view the website I built at


Web-Conflict Poster 1