Client Brief:

Interval International, who I had just completed a production in the South Pacific for, introduced me to this client. I was literally involved from the ground floor up, the Millennium Suites were still being built and the company had no logo, no stationary, no brochure, nothing to film and not even a company name. It is very rare that you get the opportunity to start a design and marketing process with a completely clean slate. This client became my biggest client ever, I had a six figure budget to work with and was involved in every aspect of marketing from designing logo’s, producing stationary, taking photographs, arranging film shoots, producing interactive DVD-ROMs and handling their newspaper and magazine media marketing account.

Working Relationship:

  • I had the pleasure of handling this clients marketing strategy for over 4 years and was instrumental in taking a large number of their publicity photographs, which in many cases involved working with models and organising large scale photo-shoots.
  • I was solely responsible for scripting, storyboarding, filming and editing a number of promotional DVD’s and interactive DVD-ROMs. I arranged various celebrity voice-overs for these DVD’s and designed the DVD on-body printing and the DVD slipcases.
  • I designed the ‘LMS’ logo, the marketing brochures and arranged all the printing.
  • I co-ordinated the media account and was responsible for buying advertising space within national magazines and newspapers. I was responsible for the design of full page advertisements right the way down to small box advertisements.



 Part of a promotional video, contained within the DVD-ROM that I produced.


This is part of a video clip that featured within a DVD-ROM that I produced prior to the completion of the building. I had to market a concept with nothing finished and nothing ready to film. I focused the production on the lifestyle and proximity of Canary Wharf, The Docklands and the City of London. The developers of the property, allowed me to film in a specially set up show apartment that was situated adjacent to the building.


LMS logo143

LMS logo12

2 of the logo’s that I designed and presented to the client.


The name came from the completion date of the building, just before the turn of the Millennium and the inspiration for the design of these logos came from the shape of the roof of the Millennium Dome, which could be seen from the apartments.


LMS logo13

 After much deliberation, this was the LMS logo that was accepted.


I wanted quite a bold and modern look and my favourite design was the first logo featured above. The clients however wanted a more classical look and after much deliberation and the delivery of a number of other alternatives this LMS logo swirl was adopted.






3 of the many pages that I designed for the interactive DVD-ROM.


The interactive DVD-ROM contained hundreds of pages, menu buttons, page wipes, video clips, picture slide shows and much, much more. It was a tremendously powerful marketing tool and was a corner stone of how I went about delivering a final product to a client. It involved discipline and multiple design skills and required photographs, video, voice-over and music, all of which with the exception of the audio tracks was produced in-house by me. Often I would have music scores specially written for a project and I always insisted on purchasing the copyright to any music or voice.

LMS Media

A small selection of advertisements from the media campaign that I ran.


I designed and had on stock a number of media advertisements ranging from small box advertisements up through 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and full page colour ads. I became very experienced over a four year period of buying up very last minute advertising space, sometimes at 80% discount. Because I had advertisements pre-prepared in a multitude of styles and sizes, I could deliver the advertisement copy within the hour.