Hayes & Jarvis

Luxury Holidays


Client Brief:

To produce a number of holiday programmes for Hayes & Jarvis, a travel agent that specialised in ‘long-haul’ holidays to a more discerning customer. Because of the cost of booking a holiday with this operator, I convinced them that a DVD would be the perfect marketing tool for the potential holidaymaker. It allowed the customer to look at film footage of a number of resort destinations and compare facilities between these resorts. It featured essential travel information relating to that particular country along with film footage of the tours and excursions that were available.


Working Relationship:

  • I had the pleasure of working with these clients for a number of years, during which I filmed all their resorts in a number of countries. I made many trips back to each of these countries has new resorts came on stream.
  • The DVD’s were an instant success; they were promoted throughout the tour operator’s brochure with a special symbol to show that a particular resort had a video feature. Within the first year, I had a two-year film schedule mapped out due to the demand of holiday resorts wanting to come on board.
  • In one shoot I filmed 15 different Islands in the Maldives during a 17-day period, needless to say I was exhausted at the end of that shoot.
  • I was solely responsible for scripting, storyboarding, filming and editing all of these productions. I arranged various celebrity voice-overs and designed the DVD on-body printing and the DVD slipcases.
  • I co-ordinated and arranged all the replication of the DVDs and DVD slipcases.
  • I filmed extensively throughout, The Maldives, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Dubai, The Seychelles and The South Pacific.



 Part of a promotional video, taken from Hayes & Jarvis ‘A Guide to Kenya’.


A short clip from one of my productions relating to Kenya. The client was particularly interested in promoting and raising the awareness of a ‘two-centre’ holiday, with the first week ‘on safari’ and the second week at a Kenya coastal resort location.


   Part of a promotional video, taken from Hayes & Jarvis ‘A Guide to Sri Lanka’.


A short clip from one of my productions relating to Sri Lanka. This programme was often teamed up with Dubai and the Maldives, Dubai made an ideal stop over on the way out and the Maldives offered an exotic beach location in which to rest, relax and recuperate after the extensive touring and excursion holiday that was generally associated with a visit to Sri Lanka.